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Scale across Asia and win one of the region's leading protein producers as a new customer!

This year, JAPFA is looking for startup and scale-up teams around the world to submit agtech and foodtech solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in production of 5 protein groups: poultry, aquaculture, swine, dairy, and cattle.

Top teams will have a chance to secure a 
fully-funded pilot project with JAPFA, to explore a broader partnership and customer relationship!

Take this rare opportunity to work directly with one of Asia’s leading affordable protein producers, refine your technology, and validate your solution in the world’s fastest growing regional market! 

Are you ready to take feed, farming, and food tech to the next level?

General applications are now closed for the 2021 challenge.

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Challenge Categories

As a leading pan-Asian, industrialised agrifood company dedicated to feeding Emerging Asia with essential proteins, the JAPFA business encompasses the entire food supply chain from feed to farm to fork.

With already over 3 billion people living in their target markets—over 40% of the world’s total population—JAPFA is looking for bold ideas that re-imagine smarter and more sustainable technologies for every stage of the world’s existing agriculture and food systems.

Teams are invited to apply with solutions in ANY of the key protein groups, at ANY stage of the Feed to Food process.

Key Protein Groups:











Key Markets:

Example Technology Areas of Interest:

a)  Feed-tech
(eg. functional feed, formulation, nutrition)

b)  Animal Health & Biotech
(eg. growth stimulants, vaccines & disease control, enzymes)

c)  Digital & Smart Farm Management
(eg. IoT, sensors, big data, resource efficiency)

d)  Automation
(eg. livestock grading, drones, automated feeding & milking)

e)  Enabling Smallholder Farmers
(eg. low-resource dependency, rural-focused solutions)

f)  Smart Supply Chain & Logistics
(eg. cold chains, distribution)

g)  Food Processing
(eg. meat processing/handling, shelf-life extension, packaging)

h)  Foodtech & New Product Development
(eg. new ingredients, formats, additives)

i)  Consumer Data & Analytics 
(e.g. farm-to-fork solutions, e-commerce solutions)

- And more...


JAPFA is a leading, pan-Asian, industrial agrifood company dedicated to feeding Emerging Asia with essential proteins.

Application Instructions


Stage 1 - General Applications

Apply* through the platform link, and submit answers summarizing your proposed partnership, and explaining the key value you bring to JAPFA's business.

*Each team will need to identify one or two key person(s) as the point(s) of contact. There is an additional section in the application form to add supplementary information about the rest of the team.

Stage 2 - Shortlisting & Interviews

Top teams will be shortlisted for further interviews according to the strength of their pitch deck & preliminary alignment with the judging criteria.

Shortlisted teams will have a chance to further refine their proposal to more closely meet with the judging criteria and scope out what the pilot project would be with the support of the GROW Accelerator team and the relevant JAPFA personnel (eg. strategy, animal science, & engineering leaders).



Stage 3 - Finalist Pitch Panel

The Top 10 teams advancing from the shortlisting interviews will be invited to pitch, in front of a judging panel* (including the Group CEO, Chairman, and other leaders), where the winner(s) will be awarded pilot projects, broader partnership(s) and/or customer relationship(s)!

*As the assessment criteria for the finalist teams will be similar to the judging criteria set out during the shortlisting round and teams will have had a chance to refine their proposals, the expectations will be much higher!


Challenge Timeline

Timeline Mar31.png

General applications are now closed for the 2021 challenge.




This challenge is targeted at later-stage scale-up ventures, startups with at least a proven MVP and R&D teams with mature technologies that offer a scalable solution meeting one or more of the focus areas.


Judging Criteria & Prizes

Through this challenge, JAPFA is looking to find the world’s top teams developing innovative solutions in feed, farming, and food tech, and then work closely with them to change the face of Asia’s protein production.

In addition to fitting with JAPFA's regional strategy and key protein groups, teams looking to secure projects and long-term relationships with JAPFA will ideally exemplify the following 5 key criteria:

Sector Expertise

Demonstrating deep expertise in all sector(s) relevant and adjacent to their solution/business

Traction & Reliability

In order to score high in this category, teams will need to demonstrate deep expertise in all sector(s) relevant and adjacent to their solution/business

High level of customer validation, acquisition and/or revenue generation

Market Size

Tackling a large and mostly untapped market opportunity, with a unique offering or positioning

Strategic & Operational Impact

Delivering high-impact improvements in the production of protein

(eg. multi-market / multiple farms / multi-protein group)

Capacity & Velocity

Team is eager & prepared to launch new projects; no major competing concerns/projects; very responsive; strong SOPs

The winning team(s) as decided by the judging panel at the Stage 3 - Finalist Pitch Panel will be awarded:
-  A JAPFA-funded pilot project, to test and refine the feasibility and viability of the technology solution to be implemented in the JAPFA business (eg. the respective market, protein group and farm). 

- Access to testing on facilities for piloting (e.g. on research farms, feed mills etc.) within 6-8 months.
- Possible projects include technology trials, business application projects and further co-development, depending on the stage of the proposed solution
- See T&Cs and FAQ for further information

Further prizes will be announced on the day, including possible investment by JAPFA and associates, and acceleration opportunities by GROW.


"Innovation is our lifeblood... and it’s how we will continue to play our part in improving the nutrition of millions of people in the region.”

- Tan Yong Nang


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Headquartered in Singapore; JAPFA employs over 40,000 people across an integrated network of modern farming, processing and distribution facilities in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India and Myanmar. The company specializes in producing quality dairy, protein staples (poultry, beef, swine & aquaculture) and packaged food that nourish millions of people.

Modernising for the Future

By 2050, the world will be facing the incredible challenge of feeding over 9 billion people, with more than 5 billion of those expected to be living in Asia. This challenge is increasingly complicated by the advent of global warming, limited natural resources, changing consumer patterns and complex logistical needs.

Over the past 50 years, the JAPFA Group has grown from a single poultry feed mill in Indonesia to a leading pan-Asian agrifood company operating in 5 countries. Its diversification strategy into new geographies and proteins positions the Group to be a long-term industry player.  Today, the JAPFA business encompasses the entire food supply chain from feed to farm to fork.

As a result, JAPFA is looking for bold ideas that re-imagine smarter and more sustainable technologies for every stage of the world’s existing agriculture and food systems.

Japfa at a glance:


"Our industrialised business model covers the entire value chain of protein production: from animal feed and breeding to fattening and consumer products."


Who can take part in the JAPFA Feeds the Future Challenge?

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Who retains the intellectual property rights if projects or pilots are initiated?

Will projects and pilots be funded by JAPFA?

My team is based in X country, and we cannot travel internationally due to travel restrictions.  Can we still apply to the challenge?

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