Land x Launch


Scale your business by “landing” in Singapore and “launching” into Asia

A commercially-focused programme for late stage agrifoodtech and innovative F&B businesses to navigate the complexity of the region and engage with the right stakeholders to confidently expand

Grow remotely before going in-country

Your "virtual boarding pass". Lay the foundations for growth at home to maximise in-market opportunities and explore unique resourcing models to build a local team


De-risk and fast-track your expansion plans

Scale your value chain in new markets by validating and adapting your business model and customer value proposition before further investment and resources


Establish market presence from a gateway hub

Plug into Singapore’s agrifoodtech ecosystem and use it as a hub to do business in the region



Late stage scale-ups across the agrifood value chain, with proven product-market fit and early signs or proven revenue channels

  • Alternative Protein: plant-based, cell, fermentation

  • Ingredient Tech 

  • FarmTech and AgTech innovations

  • B2B supply chain and analytics

  • Sustainable packaging and bioplastics 

  • Waste-upcycling

  • Novel ingredients

  • Unique processing technology

  • Regenerative agriculture 

  • Small holder farmer technology and resilience 

  • Ag inputs and bio fertiliser 

  • Ag or Food Biotech

  • Pet

  • Innovative Food and Beverage 

  • Other



Your gateway to Asia

Land x Launch™ is a 5-month internationalisation programme that starts remotely to prepare you to maximise your in-market visit, providing you with a trusted team and network to:

  • Navigate the Asia region and prioritise key markets

  • Build and deploy your go-to-market strategy

  • Form partnership and relationships across your value chain 

  • Open up commercial opportunities 

Land x Launch.png

Programme inclusions:

  • Dedicated agrifood internationalisation coach

  • Info sessions and workshops

  • Facilitated connections to partners, suppliers, investors, customers, expert mentors, distributors, and more

  • Access to curated service providers at preferred rates 

  • Networking opportunities and peer-to-peer learning

  • Showcase and pitching opportunities (depending on need)

  • Access to Singapore’s agrifoodtech ecosystem and regional capabilities and infrastructure e.g. researchers, co-manufacturers, wet/dry labs, industrial kitchens

  • Access to GROW’s co-working space during the programme



Land x Launch™

Who: For all companies

When: Starts Sept 2022 

Applications open


Who: Australian startups

When: Starts March 2023 



Who: Pet care startups

When: Starts Sept 2022 

Applications now closed - please register interest for future programmes



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Asia represents one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with 66% of the global middle class expected to reside in the region and a population expected to reach 5 billion in 2050 that will account for 60% of global consumption.  It's estimated that Asia will more than double its total spend on food over the next decade, from US$4 trillion in 2019 to over US$8 trillion by 2030.

To meet this demand, governments across the region are aggressively pursuing strategies to ensure greater food security and this includes actively encouraging agrifoodtech and innovative food entrepreneurs to help grow the local ecosystem by establishing themselves in the region. 

By 2050 the population of Asia will be 5 billion,

accounting for 60% of global consumption.



How much does it cost to participate?

How does my team apply for programme grants and/or subsidies?

If my team doesn't qualify for existing grants and/or subsidies, what other payment plans are available?

Do you take equity in my business?

How do I apply?

What is the application and selection process?

Is the information in my application treated as confidential? 

Who owns the IP developed by my business during participation in the programme?

Do I have to be available to travel to Singapore to complete the programme?

Do you invest directly in the businesses in the programme?

Are you an agrifoodtech scale-up or SME looking to expand into Asia?