An exclusive programme developed by global agrifoodtech accelerator GROW and leading incubator Farm491 to help UK and EU scale-up ventures capture the opportunity in Asia using Singapore as a gateway

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This world-first programme provides a bespoke package of support for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in Asia, by taking an agile approach to developing, testing, and iterating their models for maximum impact.

Suitable for early-stage and growth companies, Pivot East is designed to help businesses quickly validate their fit for the Asian market and provide a roadmap to setting up an overseas presence.


Singapore has long been a gateway for food exports to the region and is increasingly becoming "the place to be" as the leading innovation hub for agrifood tech


Join a world-class program with access to GROW and Farm491’s unrivaled networks of mentors and experts from across the globe

Program overview:

  • Program begins in Q2 2021

  • Three tiers of engagement, beginning with a two-day introduction to the Singapore opportunity, and scaling upwards into strategic input and one-on-one support from the Farm491 and GROW teams.

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The entire Pivot East programme is open to scale-ups in all agrifood sectors, from land-based agriculture to fisheries to supply chain solutions.  We welcome applications from teams involved in (but not limited to) the following industries:

  • Aquaculture

  • Animal welfare

  • Climate change solutions (net-zero farming)

  • Alternative protein sources

  • Functional food

  • Controlled environment agriculture

  • Precision agriculture

  • Regenerative agriculture

  • Data platforms

  • Sustainable materials

  • Food provenance

  • Food traceability and assurance

  • Smart food systems

*Note: participants must complete the introductory sessions to be eligible for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 programmes.

Tier 2  -  Goal Setting & Testing the Opportunity

The second tier of the Pivot East focuses on setting up a growth strategy and one-on-one support from the Farm491 and GROW teams.   Participants will create their own moonshot project plan to test, validate, and expand into a new market, while engaging with experts and thought leaders from the agrifoodtech scenes in Asia and Europe. 

Planned virtual sessions include:

Workshop: Market Strategies & Business Model

Discussion Group: Moving into Asian Markets

Mentoring Sessions with GROW & Farm491

and more...

Tier 3  -  Scaling & Launching into Asia

The final tier of the Pivot East programme is a bespoke curriculum for teams who have already completed the Introductory & Tier 2 sessions, and are now ready for their Asia launch.  Participants will be plugged into the Singapore agrifood tech ecosystem and have a chance to leverage it as they launch into broader regional markets.  Simultaneously, teams will be building their network by connecting with with potential customers, users, corporates, and farms, with multiple pitch panels in front of AgFunder and GROW’s network of investors.

Other planned sessions include:

Site Visits: Farms, Food & Engineering Labs, Research Institutes, etc...

Corporate Partner Introductions

Impact / Gov't Focused Pitch Panels

and more...

Introductory Sessions - "Why Asia?  Why Singapore?"

The first part of the Pivot East programme is a two-day introduction to the business opportunity for agrifoodtech in Asia and why Singapore is emerging as the “place to be” for agrifoodtech in the region.  Each day's webinar will also open early to allow participants to build their network, and close with an open Q&A session.

Webinar #1: The Agrifoodtech Opportunity in Asia

24 Feb 2021  |  9 – 10.30am BST

This session will dive into the benefits and opportunities of trading in the Asia-Pacific region, using Singapore as a gateway, guided by regional experts.

Webinar #2: Your Gateway to Asia: The Singapore Agrifoodtech Ecosystem

25 Feb 2021  |  9 – 10.30am BST

In the Day 2 webinar, participants will learn more about the Singapore agrifood/tech scene specifically, led by sector specialists providing market insights and examples of existing pilots, projects and corporate partnerships.

Anticipated commitment:

  • 2 hours on each day, including breaks and interactive sessions


  • £250

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Asia represents one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with 66% of the global middle class expected to reside in the region and a population expected to reach 5 billion in 2050 that will soon account for 60% of global consumption


GROW is Southeast Asia's first dedicated foodtech and agtech accelerator, with a focus on impact and sustainability. We are co-founded by AgFunder and supported by Enterprise Singapore. Located at the iconic BLOCK 71, the heartland of Singapore's startup scene, GROW is all about supporting local, regional, and international startups achieve global growth. Contact GROW here.

Farm491 is a leading UK-based technology incubator and innovation space focused on the future of farming and food systems. Based at the Royal Agricultural University, Farm491 supports entrepreneurs as they advance their businesses with potential for impact in the agricultural sector, focused around environmental sustainability, farmer empowerment, and food system resilience. Contact Farm491 here.

GROW is supported by the Singapore Government: