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GROW Cohort 1 - 2019 

Back of the Yards Algae Science

Leaders in sustainable algae based solutions and ingredients for alternative proteins and agriculture.

Back of the Yards Algae Sciences (BYAS) develops and commercialises algae based alt.proteins for plant based meats, as biostimulants for vertical agriculture and as media/sera for cellular agriculture or “clean meat”.

Technology: Food Science, Biotechnology

Supply Chain: On-Farm, Ingredients, Waste

Stage, Seed Stage

Country: USA


Leonard Lerer

Rob Agterberg



A fully automatic machine-learning assisted bioinformatics pipeline for bacteria and virus contamination detection.


Microbial contamination is a severe public health problem for food and water safety. Till now, it is still extremely challenging to rapidly monitor/detect the wide range of pathogenic microbes (e.g. bacteria and viruses).

Technology: Software, Biotechnology

Supply Chain: On-Farm, Processing, Logistics

Stage, Seed Stage

Country: Singapore


You Fang, Ynag Yi

Gu Xiaoqiong, Kong Xiaolu



SinGrow uses state-of-the-art agri technology to grow novel, fresh fruit with affordable price in tropical area. They are now commercialising their launch product, strawberries.

SinGrow’s expertise is in plant breeding, plant physiology, plant flowering regulation and molecular biology.

Technology: Biotechnology

Supply Chain: On-Farm

Stage, Seed Stage

Country: Singapore


Dr. Shengjie Bao, Xu Tao, Prof. Hao Yu

David Sher, Allna Ong


Viridis RS

ViridisRS collects individualised data on smallholder farmers using remote sensing in order to help banks and insurance companies sell products to them.


Lack of credible data is a key problem in trying to provide financial services to the smallholder farmers. A better data product is needed to solve the problem from the farmers' perspective.

Technology: Drones, Robotics, Hardware 

Supply Chain: On farm, Finance

Stage, Pre-Seed

Country: USA 


Heejae Cho

Mark Jeunette


Tractor Junction

India’s leading digital marketplace to buy, sell, finance, insure and service new/used tractors and farm equipment.


India is the largest market in the world for both new and used tractors. It is estimated that around 1 million used tractors exchange hands each year in India and it happens entirely through unorganised brokers and agents.

Technology: Software 

Supply Chain: eCommerce

Stage, Seed Stage

Country: India 


Rajat Gupta

Shivani Gupta


Wittaya Aqua

WittayaAqua is an aquaculture technology company that helps farms become more efficient, sustainable and profitable.


The current aquaculture industry is highly paper-based, making basic analyses on data extraordinarily time-consuming and error prone.

Technology: Software 

Supply Chain: On-Farm

Stage, Seed Stage

Country: Canada


Evan Hall

Jeremy Fu, Dr. Dominique Bureau


Future Fields

Future Fields is a biotechnology company working to help commercialise sustainable, affordable cultured meat products.


Growth medium is the largest contributor to the cost of cultured meat production. Although effective growth media formulations are commercially available, they are prohibitively expensive for cultured meat applications.

Technology: Food Science

Supply Chain: Ingredients, Processing

Stage, Seed Stage

Country: Canada


Dr Matt Anderson-Baron

Lejjy Gafour


Intello Labs

A deep-tech startup using AI and multispectral tools to make quality monitoring and grading solutions for food commodities.


There is often a lack of visibility into the quality of food at procurement and at various stages throughout the food supply chain. Prone to manual error, quality becomes subjective and inconsistent, especially in large organisations, leading to food loss and economic losses.

Technology: Software 

Supply Chain: Logistics, Processing, E-comm

Stage, Pre Series A

Country: India


Milan Sharma, Himani Shahl

Nishant Mishra, Ramakrishnan M



A spectral sensor company for non-destructive and non-invasive agrifoodquality monitoring.


Agriculture and food industries have critical need for accurate, non-destructive and non-invasive sensing data.


NanoLambdais developing the world’s smallest optical spectrometer, and the first such device for Internet-of-Thing based on disruptive digital nanotechnology.

Technology: IoT

Supply Chain: On farm, processing, ecomm

Stage, Pre Series A

Country: South Korea


Bill Choi

HoGyun Choi


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