Startup SG Founder Grant

Supporting new agtech and foodtech startups in Singapore


As one of the Singapore government's leading Accredited Mentor Partners (AMPs), GROW guides and supports new agtech and foodtech startups in Singapore.


We work closely with Startup SG Founder "Start" applicants to refine their application for the grant, with plenty of personal coaching as well as access to others GROW programmes to broaden founders' experience.  With our fantastic network of mentors and industry experts, covering the entire range of the agrifood ecosystem, we help teams build a strong foundation for their business, and support them through every step of their growth journey for years to come.

Learn more about the Startup SG Founder scheme and the different tracks available at startupsg.gov.



The grant is open to all Singaporeans/Permanent Residents who meet the following conditions at the time of application and throughout the grant period:

  • The team has at least 3 SC/PRs, who are the main applicants of the grant;

  • At least 2 of the 3 main applicants are first-time founders;

  • The main applicants who are first-time founders must hold a minimum of 30% equity* in the company collectively;

  • The main applicants must register/have registered a private limited company in Singapore upon approval;

  • The company must have a minimum 51% SC/PR shareholdings;

  • The company must not be more than 6 months of incorporation at the point of application to the AMP;

  • The business activities run by the company should be conducted wholly or mainly in Singapore.

  • The main applicants must register/have registered a private limited company in Singapore upon approval;

  • The 3 main applicants must contribute meaningfully to the company, and not be employed full-time by another employer;

  • At least 2 of the 3 main applicants should be committed full time to the company, and must be key decision makers of the company;

  • The main applicant(s) must not have received any funding for the proposed business idea from another government organization;

  • The proposed business idea must not be in the following list: cafes, restaurants, night clubs, lounges, bars, foot reflexology, massage parlours, gambling, prostitution, social escort services, employment agencies (including recruiting foreign work permit holders and workers/support staff, relocation services, and manpower services), and geomancy.


For the “Start” track, teams of entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas can approach any Enterprise Singapore-appointed Accredited Mentor Partners (AMP) with their innovative business ideas.


The AMPs will identify and recommend qualifying applicants for funding support based on the uniqueness of business concept, feasibility of business model, strength of management team, and potential market value. Upon successful application, the AMP will assist the startups with advice, learning programs and networking contacts.


Enterprise Singapore will also provide the startups with a startup capital grant of $50,000. Startups are required to raise and commit S$10,000 as co-matching fund to the grant.

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Are you a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident ready to found an innovative agtech or foodtech startup?


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